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Arts & Culture expert-led tours

Reisenbook’s art and cultural tours focus on some of humanity’s greatest creative achievements in fascinating destinations around the globe. Covering art, architecture, archaeology and gardens, the program is suitable for all culture lovers, enthusiasts and experts.

All tours are led by experts who design itineraries in collaboration with Reisenbook’s own in-house experts, and often include private tours that are not open to the public. These tours are often more topic-focused than a typical Reisenbook vacation, and experts are on hand to provide colour and depth of understanding, whether in informal talks or at locations along the way.

Whether you are a culture vulture, fine art aficionado, opera lover – or connoisseur of modern or ancient history, we have something for you. In-depth, small group learning adventures are what we do best.

Our impressive roster of experts makes our learning tours a notch above the rest. As a traveller with us, you’ll be enriched and enlightened each step of the way by foremost specialists in the fields of history, music, culture – and arts. These talented story tellers take you behind the scenes and make the legendary sites, palaces, worship centres and museums of Europe (and other global destinations) leap to life.


Thailand Family Adventure

Arrive in Bangkok and transfer to your hotel. Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is known for its gorgeous shrines and vibrant street life. The full Chao Phraya River feeds the canal network and flows through the Rattanakosin Royal District, home to the palatial Grand Palace and the sacred Temple of the Emerald Buddha. overnight.

New England Explorer

At New England Explorer, our goal is to create New England travel guides that are truly “your gateway to New England”™, just as travelers and tourists in previous centuries carried basic gear like compasses and maps, the twentieth century of travelers will carry travel aids such as GPS devices, cell phones, PDAs and laptops. Their hotel rooms, RVs and cars will all be connected to the internet.

Paradors of Southern Spain

As a mechanism to improve Spain’s image abroad and to boost tourism in the country, government-run Paradors have been extremely successful on two fronts – staying in Paradors is extremely attractive to many travelers, but they also give the government considerable gains profit. Several organized tours (some themed, some not) are designed to ensure that each night’s stay happens at a different Parador.


Primates of Uganda

There are 20 primate species in Uganda consisting of 13 diurnal and 7 nocturnal species (including the latest discovery, the dwarf galago), making Uganda a destination with the highest concentration of primates on the continent. The list includes the mountain gorilla and chimpanzee, taking the most attention from primate adventure tourists.