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Holidays to Finland by Reisenbook

 Finland is most famed for its incredible natural beauty. Crystal clear lakes, stunning island archipelagos, and towards the north, pristine winter wonderlands dominate the landscape.

Meanwhile, modern cities and towns stay in tune with the times by offering world-class dining and accommodation options. Here’s a look at the top tourist attractions in Finland

The Finland you encounter will depend on the season of your visit, but whatever the month, there’s something pure in the Finnish air and spirit that’s vital and exciting. With towering forests speckled by picture-perfect lakes, as if an artist had flicked a blue-dipped paintbrush at the map, Suomi (the Finns’ word for their country) offers some of Europe’s best hiking, kayaking and canoeing. A fabulous network of national parks has well-marked routes and regularly spaced huts for overnighting, and you can observe bears and elk deep in the forests on nature-watching trips.

Finland’s short but sparkling sunny season sees the country burst into life. Finns seem to want to suck every last golden drop out of the summer in the hope that it will sustain them through the long, dark winter months, and there’s an explosion of good cheer and optimism. With surprisingly high temperatures for these latitudes, summer is a time for music festivals, art exhibitions, lake cruises, midnight sunshine on convivial beer terraces, idyllic days at remote waterside cottages and bountiful market produce.

Winter has its own charm as snow blankets the pines and lakes freeze over. The best way to banish the frosty subzero temperatures is to get active. Skiing is great through to May. Other pursuits include chartering a team of dogs, a posse of reindeer, or a snowmobile for a trek across snowy solitudes, lit by a beautiful, pale winter sun; catching the aurora borealis (Northern Lights) after your wood-fired sauna; drilling a hole for ice fishing; and spending a night in a glittering, iridescent ice hotel.

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Top things to do in Finland


If you don’t want to go all the way to the North Pole then why not visit Rovaniemi in the north of Finland? Here you will find Christmas delights such as an Elf School and you can even meet Santa and Mrs. Claus who will teach you how to make gingerbread treats.

Explore Olavinlinna

The castle is famed for its three dominating towers and was constructed on a rock in the center of a glassy lake to afford it more protection from enemies.To get to the castle you will need to walk across a series of creaking bridges and the inside is a maze of ornate towers and serene chapels.

Helsinki Zoo

Helsinki Zoo has a long and illustrious history having first opened its doors in 1889, making it one of the oldest zoos in the world.It sits on Korkeasaari Island and has an impressive 150 different species of animals as well as 1,000 kinds of plants.The island spans 52 acres and you will find animals as diverse as camels, bears, wolverines, monkeys, and lions.

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Key Facts

Capital Helsinki
Currency Macedonian Denar
Flight time from Kuala Lumpur 15h 
Official languages Finnish and English
Time difference + 5 hours 
Visa Requirements Required for Malaysian Passport Holders

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