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Luxury holidays in South America

The ultimate adventure playground, Latin America stretches from the wilds of Patagonia, through the Amazonian rainforest, past Incan ruins and up to the truly unique wildlife of the Galapagos.

The destination offers iconic attractions that can’t be seen anywhere else – Iguazu falls, Machu Picchu, Torres Del Paine, Salar de Uyuni and Easter Island, alongside wildlife – whales, sea lions, monkeys, jaguars, guanacos, condors and blue-footed boobies.

Nowhere else on earth will you find such a dazzling array of natural wonders and diverse cultures as South America. The world’s fourth largest continent features the greatest rainforest, largest river, longest mountain range, and highest waterfall on the planet – all nestled between stunning beaches, ancient villages, and vibrant cities. Traveling South America will be truly one of the greatest experiences of your lifetime.

South America’s diversity doesn’t end with landscapes. You’ll find former colonial towns where cobblestone streets lead past churches and plazas little changed since the 18th century. You can haggle over colorful textiles at indigenous markets, share meals with traditional dwellers of the rainforest and follow the pounding rhythms of Afro-Brazilian drum corps. South America is home to an astounding variety of living and ancient cultures, and experiencing it first-hand is as easy as showing up.

In South America you will be completely fascinated by the Colombian ruins. Fall in love with the continent’s incredible wonders: mist-shrouded peaks, thundering waterfalls and vast rainforests. Added to this are man-made treasures: lively Aboriginal markets, picturesque colonial towns and vibrant cityscapes. This is just the beginning, there really is no end in South America. you will find more

South America Destinations


With its unique cuisine, rich culture, some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, breathtaking waterfalls, and adventure for everyone’s liking, all you have to do is choose the perfect type of tourism for you and be amazed by the wonders of Brazil.


The country with the highest snow-capped peaks in the Andes is also rich in terrain. There are many kinds of wild animals. Amazing sights abound in this vast country. Cordoba, Salta, Mendoza and Bariloche all have their own unique personalities and unforgettable attractions, so don’t miss them.


The tranquility of vast sandy esplanades and intense sunshine contrast with deep blue lagoons, small towns where the native customs are kept intact and large cities with beautiful beaches.No matter where you are! All ready to go to Chile


Bolivia is not for the faint of heart: take the world’s most dangerous road into the sweltering Yungas; soar over the verdant La Paz valley by paraglider; go on a wild west adventure on horseback near Tupiza; Heavy catfish (maybe cook it for dinner!).

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