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Holidays to Bolivia by Reisenbook

Bolivia is home to breathtaking landscapes, historical sites, diverse wildlife and cultural sites. Whether you want to explore nature or experience city life, you’ll have plenty of options during your visit to this South American country.

Bolivia is not for the faint of heart: rattling down the World’s Most Dangerous Road into sultry Yungas; soaring breathless above verdant La Paz valleys in a paraglider; jumping on a horse for a Wild West adventure near Tupiza; pulling a catfish that outweighs you out of an Amazon river (and maybe cooking it for dinner!). Whether your tools are crampons and an ice axe for scaling 19,685ft (6000m) Andean peaks, or a helmet and bravado for jumping into the abyss on a glider, Bolivia’s rocks, rivers and ravines will challenge – nay, provoke – you into pushing your own personal limits.

Bolivians love a parade, and hardly a month passes without a procession of brightly costumed celebrants honoring an important historical date or deity. You’ll hear them from blocks away before the brass bands and whirligigging dancers approach and envelop you (you may even get to join in). Learn about the history and culture of the country’s indigenous peoples at excellent museums, and through the continued presence of traditions and customs in everyday life. Bolivia has South America’s largest percentage of indigenous people – get to know them better by participating in community-based tourism and hiring local guides.

Bolivia is so biodioverse that unique species are being discovered to this day. Tiptoe into caves of tube-lipped nectar bats, their tongues probing the darkness. Tread lightly on the terrain of the poisonous annellated coral snake, deadly in look and effect. Listen for the cackling call and response of a dozen different macaw species (among 1000 bird species) including the world’s rarest, the bluebeard, which can only be found here. Multihued butterflies and moths flit at your feet in the jungle; lithe alpacas and vicuñas stand out in the stark altiplano. Deep in the forest live jaguars, pumas and bears.

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Top things to do in Bolivia


Uyuni Salt Flats

The most popular way to visit the Uyuni Salt Flats is on a 3-day, 2-night expedition that will also take you through geysers, mountain peaks, colorful lagoons, and more.


“Death Road”

The Death Road is bumpy, scenic and almost entirely downhill. Swerve next to a cliff edge, ride under a small waterfall, and don’t forget to take a photo at the iconic fern-covered cliff.



Our jeep trip saw us rumbling across parched desert. Stopping to explore on foot, we posed between towering walls of russet stone (Puerta del Diablo), scrambled across giant boulders by the hidden Canyon del Inca, and tried not to giggle at the famously phallic rock formations of the Valle de los Machos.

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Key Facts

Capital Sucre
Currency Bolivian Boliviano
Flight time from Kuala Lumpur 31h 2m
Official languages Spanish and English
Time difference + 12 hours
Visa Requirements Required for Malaysian Passport Holders

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